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Petition Seattle to Stop The Sweeps

We as concerned members of the community are asking you, our neighbors, to step up and commit to standing in solidarity with us and our unhoused friends. We demand an end to the the cruel and unusual punishment of sweeping people around the city by forcing them to abandon their homes and communities without providing everyone a safe and sustainable alternative. Human beings have the right to exist which includes the right to shelter.

Why we need to stop the sweeps:
1. Without shelter, people die.
2. Communities are displaced and destroyed.
3. Shelter and belongings become unrecoverable.
   Click here for a more comprehensive list.
   Click here to read Reavy Washington's letter of support.

The priorities of Stop The Sweeps organizers are largely based on continuous outreach to encampments. We believe that it is only by actively listening to our unhoused neighbors that we can truly offer meaningful assistance. We have found that the needs of campers are as diverse as the campers themselves, while the brutality of sweeps has been fairly universal in all our conversations.

It is with careful consideration that we find the sweeps of Seattle's vast and diverse houseless population is detrimental to the safety, health, and well-being of our community. Furthermore we demand that Mayor Ed Murray and every relevant branch of government of the City of Seattle end this inhumane and counter-productive act immediately.

We ask that you, as members of our community, stand in solidarity with our houseless neighbors now.

Please commit to rallying behind the demand to STOP THE SWEEPS by including your signature and statement of solidarity.

E-mail address will be added to a mailing list used for updating advocates on future actions and progress.
Add the text "no email" to the Statement box to opt out of our mailing list.


#1 - 2017.05.06
Name: Jeanne Mitchem
Statement: Stop the sweeps!
#2 - 2017.05.06
Name: Dan Tenenbaum
Statement: Stop the sweeps!
#3 - 2017.05.06
Name: Jerred Clouse
Statement: Sweeps waist money and time and hurt our most vulnerable. It benefits no one.
#4 - 2017.05.06
Name: Randi Stephens
Organization: Anastasis Project
Statement: These people are human beings and they're treated like garbage. People can not be thrown away. Give them somewhere to live and leave them alone!
#5 - 2017.05.07
Name: Francette Lindsey
Statement: Stop the sweeps
#6 - 2017.05.07
Name: Sean Smith
Organization: Urban Encampment Union
Statement: Sweeps are inhumane way of pushing people out of the city. When there is not enough shelter to begain with they are realy just state sanctioned attempted murder
#7 - 2017.05.07
Name: Erroll Knight
Statement: Thanks for helping us.
#8 - 2017.05.08
Name: Jerry Weston
Statement: As somebody who works at an organization that engages exclusively with unhoused families, I can attest to the dangerous and completely unnecessary consequences of the sweeps as well as the entirely underwhelming and outright embarrassing "outreach" efforts that are allegedly made towards the victims of sweeps.
#9 - 2017.05.11
Name: Jean Darsie
Statement: The continued displacement of people in tents and vehicles does nothing to solve the problem of homelessness. In fact, it only makes the situation worse for human beings experiencing homelessness, costs more than housing people would, and may only temporarily placate those who are complaining.
#10 - 2017.05.15
Name: Meagan Murphy
Organization: Washington Community Action Network
#11 - 2017.05.18
Name: Ivy NightScales Williams
Organization: Recover the World
Statement: The sweeps or evictions are a criminal and immoral act by this city government. This city needs to practice common decency to its poorest people. Where is the decent housing options? Shame Mayor Murray!
#12 - 2017.05.18
Name: Aaron Donny-Clark
#13 - 2017.05.18
Name: Santa Anigo
#14 - 2017.05.18
Name: A.J. Honore
#15 - 2017.05.18
Name: Heidi Chiat
#16 - 2017.05.18
Name: Jim McMahan
#17 - 2017.05.18
Name: Alice Royer
#18 - 2017.05.18
Name: Sara Laurino
Statement: My brother lives in a tent. I love him and want him to continue to live. Do not sweep him!
#19 - 2017.05.18
Name: Shaun Hosfurd
Statement: This practice is deplorable and must stop!!!
#20 - 2017.05.18
Name: Risa Nagel
Statement: Stop it.
#21 - 2017.05.18
Name: Kailyn Nicholson
Statement: Why do we have $ for 601 "sweeps", but not affordable housing??
#22 - 2017.05.18
Name: Fai Coffin
#23 - 2017.05.18
Name: Rachel Hollister
Statement: What Kailyn said :)
#24 - 2017.05.19
Name: Linda Jansen
Statement: Let's be human about this. Stop the sweeps!
#25 - 2017.05.19
Name: David Delgado
Organization: Operation Jungle Defense
Statement: There are no best practices for these sweeps in regards to getting people into housing, and these sweeps are not humane and it is a waste of money that could be used to help get people into housing
#26 - 2017.05.20
Name: Doreen McGrath
Organization: Shop Steward, IBEW Local 77
Statement: All this while wealth for the wealthy grows unchecked. This system has to go.
#27 - 2017.05.21
Name: Allen Thompson
Statement: The sweeps are cruel and stupid. Stop them!
#28 - 2017.05.22
Name: Dailey Evans
Statement: Stop forcibly removing our neighbors
#29 - 2017.05.25
Name: Cory Potts
Organization: Common Cents
Statement: Seattle cannot prosper unless all it's residents prosper, sweeps target the vulnerable while protecting the wealthy
#30 - 2017.05.25
Name: Ben Stevens
Statement: The crisis of homelessness is deepening with no end in sight. Automation and globalization are eating up more and more jobs each year. Millions have been squeezed out of the labor force. Hundreds of thousands are forced to sleep outside, in dangerous conditions, because the rule of capital has no use for them--except to deepen the insecurity of anyone who still has a job--and force them to work harder and harder for less and less.

It is bad enough that so many of our brothers and sisters are living in tents. The City of Seattle intensifies the pain as it conducts sweeps, destroys tents and other belongings, and chases the homeless from one patch of mud to another.

Eventually, the working class and oppressed will organize, make themselves conscious, get rid of the rule of capital, and run everything themselves. In the meantime, we can use this kind of outrage to help millions recognize what must be done. And we can raise our voices and demand "Stop the Sweeps!"
#31 - 2017.05.25
Name: Amy Tower
Statement: Shelter is a human right!
#32 - 2017.06.07
Name: Tim Fields
Statement: Stop the sweeps!
#33 - 2017.07.11
Name: Morgan Scherer
Statement: Pay the homeless to do cleanups in place, while providing outreach to services to people living in encampments. It is the city's responsibility to help people find housing, not to make that harder by throwing their stuff away!
#34 - 2017.08.31
Name: Isobel Davis
Statement: We need to solve the homeless issue with our humanity, not our bulldozers.
#35 - 2017.08.31
Name: Alix Willard
Statement: Stop the sweeps
#36 - 2017.09.11
Name: Jeremy Newton
Statement: Help people find homes, don't kick the problem down the road, burdening those who already have it hardest
#37 - 2017.09.11
Name: Jessica Mogk
Organization: University of Washington
Statement: The sweeps are detrimental to our collective public health!
#38 - 2017.09.13
Name: Stella Jones

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