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Seattle - About

We are a group of concerned members of the community who feel that our unhoused neighbors on the streets need to be treated with dignity and respect. We are not okay with the status quo of sitting idly by while the city and state sweep them from place to place while ignoring their needs and making their daily existence harder and quality of life worse.

We have decided that the best way we can help our community is to bring this one very large problem into the spotlight and put more pressure on the people conducting and responsible for the sweeps.

Seattle - History

In February of 2016 a community organizer struck up the idea of starting an emergency call list to attempt to coordinate assistance to Nickelsville Camp Dearborn residents. The call list was activated in March, on the cold and rainy morning that the Seattle Police Department, in coordination with Low Income Housing Institute (previously the non-profit sponsor), militaristically and inhumanely evicted the campers from their homes. The camp was still swept and the campers ended up on the streets feeling absolutely devastated and defeated. Essential belongings such as medication, identification, shelter, or a means to stay warm and dry were all stripped away from them without remorse. Regardless of the outcome of Camp Dearborn, the emergency call list was widely considered a success and thus later adopted by StoptheSweeps.org.

Photo taken on 2016.03.11 at Nickelsville Camp Dearborn, Seattle